Past Assignments

Dethroning the Welfare Queen

Over the course of the spring semester of 2016, I explored the effect of stigmas and stigma-derived stereotypes on those of low socioeconomic status, as well as what could be done to prevent or reduce said perceptions. This subject matter is something I have grown curious about over the course of the past couple months, as a result of my general interest in the sociological perspective, the community service hours I have done, and my following of the current presidential election. Negative perceptions of welfare recipients date as far back as the creation of the U.S. welfare state itself, and though immense amounts of information about the system have been made accessible via technological advances, many non-recipients remain unaware of the reality of impoverished peoples. This lack of knowledge prompted my  drafting of the attached paper which argues that United States welfare policy and statistical truths should be simplified and explained to the national public in order to begin extinguishing the false ideologies which have engulfed public perception.

Click here to read the full paper

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