Reluctance to Excitement

Life updates and my outlook on the last semester of my junior year.

Going back to school after three off for winter break is always difficult. It seemed especially hard for me this time because I was sick in some way for the majority of the break. Though I still had several good days of relaxing fun, getting your wisdom teeth out and having the flu can kind of kill the winter break vibe.

I was not particularly looking forward to the semester so much as getting it over with. As most of us know, that is not a good outlook to have on anything if you plan to be a happy, productive human being. While I was still trying to summon the energy to have a positive attitude, the semester began and consequently forced me to abandon my bad attitude. After syllabus week, I am pleased to say that I have returned to the excited feeling I had at the end of last semester before too much time off had caused the enthusiasm to dwindle.

My classes are very different scheduling and format wise this time around than ever before. I was nervous for the changes, but after attending the first session of both of my in-person courses (and starting my online course), I am looking forward to them.

My only class on Mondays and Wednesdays is taught by a very fun and friendly professor, and holds very great prospects for being the most fun class I have taken at IUPUI. We have been split into groups and the entire semester is built around completing one group project, and for the first time I am eager to start one of those! Our assignment is to create the weirdest association that we can, which must be dissimilar from any other association in the world, and plan its annual convention. So not only do I really enjoy event planning, I get to do it on a scale that is larger than I ever have before and for an organization that is entirely made up. I’m sure it’s going to be great!

The only other in-person course I have this semester is an evening class on Thursdays. While it technically runs until 8:40 p.m. the professor already mentioned that we will very rarely use the full class time, which I am thankful for because I like to be at home in pajamas by 9 o’clock on week nights. I depend very heavily on my evening relaxation time! However, I will say that this class seems to be worth cutting back on my pj time since it’s going to be very interesting. The course is advertising copywriting, so we will spend portions of the class listening to lecture on communication theory and effective ad campaigns and the rest of each class will be spent critiquing ads that we have made individually as homework for the week. I have never had a class with a real critique before and I am looking forward to hearing my classmates’ comments and also sharing my own opinions.

Amidst all this change, I have retained my position as Lead Scholar of Social Justice Education, so I still get the pleasure of spending fifteen hours a week doing what I love to do – social media and digital marketing. At this point, I am proud to say that I have gained enough skills in Adobe Illustrator that I was able to utilize my very minimal abilities at my new internship with Girls Inc. which is also going very well by the way!

This is my second time working for a small nonprofit organization and I believe that it is a great work environment for me. Everyone in the office has been very welcoming and I certainly feel like a part of the team. I mean, they even put me on their staff directory so it is very official!

During my time there I will be writing blog and social media posts for them, as well as creating some deliverables. I am most excited to be starting their Instagram account, which was proven to be beneficial by a previous intern’s research, and get to decide all of its content with my supervisor, Maggie. Of the three major social media platforms, I have the least experience operating Instagram in a professional capacity so I am looking forward to expanding my portfolio with this opportunity.

That is a pretty well-rounded recap of my first week back in classes! I will be spending the remainder of this snowy, icy day reading for my courses.

Stay tuned for more updates, I have a feeling that more changes are on the  horizon!

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