One month down!

It’s now been a month since I started the spring semester of my junior year and my internship at Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis.

I am enjoying my position at Girls Inc. and look forward to going to the office each week – with the exception of those random days when I just can’t get enough coffee. I love working in environments that allow me to flex my creativity and feel like I am really a part of the team.

My classes are still going well! Though it’s tough for me to make it through an evening class, I have found that I like writing copy for advertisements. I think that getting more familiar with advertising writing and strategies is going to sharpen my writing skills and help me with any future positions I might have.

That being said, I’m also excited to say that I have applied to be the Director of Special Events for IUPUI PRSSA next year! I have been looking for ways to get more involved with this great organization because of the professional development opportunities and also the cool people. I’m going to work hard to earn that position on the E-Board, but whether it works out or not I am still glad that I have time in my schedule to attend the meetings and get to know everyone better this semester.

I have continued my work with Indiana Futsal and am so thrilled to see that organization thriving and acquiring new community partners in 2018. We have a lot of great things coming soon and I will be sure to post any and all updates on my work here!

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