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2018 US Futsal Midwest Regionals Recap

Indiana Futsal hosted the 3rd annual U.S. Futsal Midwest Regionals Championship for both youth and adult divisions this past February. The tournament brought futsal fans from around the country together, several of whom were excited to return to Indianapolis again next year.

The competition’s youth division was held Feb. 17 and 18 at Arsenal Tech High School, with 48 teams competing in total. Four-hundred boys and girls participated, giving each player a chance to enjoy the game of futsal and make new friends in the process. Members of the youth teams traveled from far away as Mississippi and Tennessee.

Local IPS team Global Prep Academy (GPA) participated in the 12U Boys division. They took on teams from Chicago and Evansville. GPA launched their futsal program this year in partnership with Indiana Futsal, quickly showing their passion for the game by becoming finalists in the IPS Futsal League.

Other Indiana youth teams included Sports With A Purpose (SWAP) and Kickers Futsal Club (KFC). SWAP is based out of Goshen, Ind. In the U14 final, the smaller SWAP team competed against the top Midwest Regional League team, Real Futsal from Evansville. SWAP overtook the match in the final two minutes, using relentless pressure and total commitment to their style of play. Coaches on both sides agreed it was a great lesson for both teams and that theywere proud to represent Indiana in such a way.

The KFC team hails from Fort Wayne, Ind. They participated in the U19 division. The coach and players in Fort Wayne have embraced futsal in recent years. KFC qualified for the national futsal championships and is looking to give back to the game by hosting a hometown tournament in June.

Brusfa Futsal Academy out of Illinois dominated the boys division, winning matches in the 10U, 12U, 19U and 16U groups. SWAP overtook Real Futsal in the 14U group. Futsal Escola and Real Futsal triumphed in the girls division, winning the 12U and 19U groups respectively.

The adult men’s division of the championship were held in the heart of downtown Indy at the Irsay Family YMCA on Feb. 23 and 24. Ten teams participated, with 118 players in all. Teams from Iowa, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana came to compete in this intense competition.

“The players have a love for futsal in general and their competitive spirit it is a joy to watch,” says Director of Indiana Futsal, Justin Becht, “We had many teams come back from previous years and also players that have participated in the Mayor’s Cup. It was great to see the futsal community come together again on another large scale tournament.”

The Des Moines United FC took home the Championship win for the adult division, overtaking the Indianapolis-based Bahrain team 5-3. Bahrain has been a prominent part of the Indy futsal scene, competing with the utmost intensity in the annual Mayor’s Cup.

Each team that is a champion or finalist is eligible to participate in the U.S. Futsal National Championship coming up this summer on July 19-22, 2018 in Santa Clara, Calif. Indiana Futsal encourages teams to participate in Nationals and wishes competitors the best of luck!

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