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Design – IUPUI Social Justice Symposium

In 2016, myself and another IUPUI student helped coordinate and execute the university’s first-ever Social Justice Symposium. This last year, I took on a more marketing-focused role as the Lead Scholar of Social Justice Education. As part of that position, I designed promotional materials that would market the symposium.

To start, the only influencing items I had to go off of was the logo seen below of a fist and a pencil. Those two symbols combined had been used by Social Justice Education before, but this was the first time they had been associated with one specific event.

Symposium banner
Website Banner

This logo is tricky because the coloring makes it difficult to find a background where both the white and the maroon will be easily visible. For this reason, a background including a sort of gradient was best. I ended up using this one, which is textured to look similar to concrete.

Also essential to this miniature branding toolkit was a flyer and/or poster design. Flyers like these were posted both physically and digitally on the campus. IUPUI has several screens that you can submit promotions to be displayed, so a similar design to the one below was submitted for the “Jag TVs” in the Campus Center.

Symposium Flyer
A flyer for campus-wide distribution

While the flyer is designed to give all the essential details of the event, it’s often not necessary (particularly interesting) to continuously post those. To create some variety among our social media posts, I also came up with twelve or so snippets that previewed the workshops to take place at the symposium:

John Gieryn_Kori Rice
Part of the social media campaign, a preview of the event’s presenters

These images allowed us to continue the symposium’s color scheme and immediately make followers aware of what the post was about. They also made the experience more enticing to potential event attendees, who were able to see what presentations they might be able to attend if they elected to go.

Having one distinct, cohesive event color scheme and brand is important in marketing, especially when so much of our world is digital and relies heavily on visuals.


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