My Final Thoughts on Working for Girls Inc.

I have really enjoyed my time as the public relations intern at Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis, and I am sad to leave this wonderful organization. It has been a great few months for me learning about the many ways in which Girls Inc. helps girls become stronger, smarter, and bolder. I admittedly had very little knowledge of Girls Inc. prior to taking this position, but after learning more about it and spending time with the lovely women who operate this organization – I am now a strong advocate for their programs.

As I say good-bye to my time here and move forward into my senior year at IUPUI, it makes me happy to know that organizations like Girls Inc. exist. Girls today need as many positive role models and messages as possible – the world is very tough on girls. (Luckily, they are tough, too!) Ever since I made the decision to study public relations, I have been set on using my writing and communication skills to help my community. It means a lot to me to have been able to do that in a way that has directly helped Indianapolis girls.

I loved the fact that this small organization allowed me to be a part of planning their annual Touchstone Awards and really encouraged me to share my opinion throughout every meeting and organizational development. I think it’s incredibly valuable to hear the opinions of people who have more of an outsider’s perspective, and not enough organizations take advantage of that. I felt very fortunate to have been in key meetings and receiving updates – I always felt like a part of the team here.

One of my favorite parts of this position has been generating content for the Girls Inc. social media accounts. I was fortunate enough to get the organization’s Instagram account up and running, which was a great experience that has already helped me in my pursuit of other social media-related roles. I really enjoyed cultivating posts that would accurately explain the great work that goes on here, as well as honing in on the Girls Inc. Indy brand. If you don’t follow the new Instagram account, be sure to check it out!

Thanks to Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis, I have more experience designing promotional materials and generating social media content. I was also able to learn more about the general operations and funding procedures for nonprofit organizations, something that has interested me for a while. I plan to continue working either in the nonprofit sector or for agencies that have nonprofits as clients, and this opportunity has helped cement that idea for me as I move forward with my career. Though it is sad to see my time here end, I am looking forward to continuing to use my profession to help the Indianapolis community. Thank you Girls Inc.!

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