My Non-Stop Summer

If you (for some reason) have been keeping up with my life, you may know that I recently began two new internships. If you have been keeping count of my internships, you may have noticed that these are my fourth and fifth! I have completed the first three weeks in these roles and I thought I should take a few moments to post about how things are going so far.

viewThe first summer internship that I started is a public relations role at HWC Engineering, which is headquartered on the top floor of BMO Harris tower in downtown Indianapolis. Hence the beautiful view to the left. Fortunately for me, I do not have to know much about engineering to do my job here (I would be so lost!). Instead, I am assisting three mayors who are running for re-election with their event planning, social media, fundraising, and graphic design needs. I know, it’s a lot.

I have met all three political officials that I will be working with. I was apprehensive before each meeting, but each of the individuals were nice and welcomed me to their town very graciously. Since none of them have officially announced that they are running for re-election, we’ll keep their identities anonymous. But hey, you’re here to read about me, so that doesn’t really matter anyway, right?

Anyhow, like I said before, I am doing a lot of different things at this internship. Even though I have experience in all the above public relations/event planning/designing areas, the political aspect of this internship means that there’s a fresh new twist to everything. Over the next several months, I will learn the ins and outs of executing a political campaign – which I think is pretty cool!

The second summer internship that I have started is my role as the communications and special events intern for Indiana INTERNnet. As you’ll notice from my previous posts here, I am writing blogs for the organization and also helping out with their social media accounts and summer events. Marissa Photo

I am really excited to be working for this organization because the website that we maintain has helped me find the internship opportunities I’ve had in the last year – all of which have helped me grow and develop as a young professional in different ways.

Starting June 4, I will be working a third summer job. As you may know, I work in IUPUI’s Multicultural Center through the school year as part of my role as Lead Scholar of Social Justice Education. I will be assisting the department over the summer as well. This will include talking to incoming freshmen at their orientation sessions about the benefits of getting involved with the Center’s programs. Vying for strangers’ attention at events like the ones held at orientation is something that will push me out of my comfort zone, which is what my college experience has been all about so far.

Taking on these three professional roles means that I will be working full-time this entire summer, which is honestly kind of scary and exhausting. It’s especially tiring because internships do not have built-in vacation days like most ‘real’ jobs, despite the fact that interns are doing very real work. There is also only one car between myself and my girlfriend, so all plans and commutes have been worked out in advance or one of us risks being stranded without a way to go anywhere. Infinite thanks goes out to Chelsea for shuttling me to-and-from work every day.

I don’t mention these things as a way of complaining – I am super grateful to have all these things going on. Ninety percent of the time, I prefer to keep a very full schedule (especially if it means I’m getting paid to do so). I mention these things because I want to make a record of how chaotic things are right now so that at the end of the summer I can look back and say “I did that.”

As always, I will do my best to keep this blog updated on the work I am doing this summer. It took me three weeks to set aside the time to write out this blog though, so don’t feel left out if I forget to mention things in a timely manner.

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