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Social Media – Festival Country Indiana

festival header.PNG

One of my projects early on at Hirons was updating Pinterest boards for Festival Country Indiana. It’s not every day that you get asked to comb through your company’s photo archives and find aesthetically pleasing fall photos, but when you do – you get to have a lot of fun! The resulting Pinterest boards were based off of two personas determined to be popular consumer types for the client.

Fall Family Fun

fall family.PNG

As you can see, Festival Country Indiana has lots of suggestions for Hoosier families looking for fall fun!

Autumn for Adults

autumn for adults.PNG

The second persona identified by the Hirons team was designed to appeal more to young professionals looking for cool places to go in the fall season. On this board, you’ll notice a mixture of unique hangout spots and scenic natural areas.

These two boards are designed to be timely and relevant to Festival Country’s target audiences, creating a digital landscape to help Hoosiers make this autumn plans.

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