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Facebook is Still a Great Communication Tool

“What social media platform do you like best for business?”

My answer to this question has gone back and forth many times in the years since I was first asked it. Every platform brings its own unique set of pros and cons to the table, and one platform does not fit all clients. Twitter allows for the youthful expression of opinions through its shorter character count and searchable gifs. Instagram allows for the creative expression of visual ideas through dynamic photos and videos. Despite these and many other platforms’ positive qualities, my favorite platform for business purposes ultimately remains Facebook.

It might sound strange, since not many people my age would say that they prefer Facebook over another platform. In fact, 44 percent of social media users ages 18 to 29 have deleted the app from their phone and don’t use Facebook at all. I won’t argue with anyone who says that Facebook is becoming less and less relevant.

However, Facebook is one of few platforms that kept and has largely continued to keep business owners and professionals in mind. It offers a vast number of tools for Page owners to utilize, from the in-depth metrics available via the Insights tab to the complete customization of one’s ads. The ability to design and distribute one of these Page, post or event ‘boosts’ to a targeted population of Facebook users makes it easy for companies to reach the people they want to reach.

If you’ve never created an ad via Facebook before, the user interface looks like this:

facebook ad 1.PNG

You can change the visual and text that people will see as your ad appears in their feed. You can also choose whether to promote your entire Facebook Page, a single post, an event you’re hosting or another option.

After you’ve determined what your ad is going to look like, you can pinpoint exactly what types of people will be able to see the ad and how much money you’re going to spend to get the word out:

facebook ad 2

Features like the Ad Center above help companies communicate more efficiently.

We have already started to see other social sites following Facebook’s lead and improving the way that businesses and professionals can utilize social media. As I mentioned earlier, not every brand needs to be on Facebook. You need to have a thorough understanding of your client and your audience before choosing what sites you’d like to have a presence on.

Regardless of whether or not it remains popular, Facebook has significantly impacted the way that social media is used for business and continues to be my preferred choice for professional use. 

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