Media Relations, pr writing

Mock Press Release

The following press release was written in response to a prompt from one of my professors to promote the debut of a $200 cup of coffee for a hypothetical company. As a coffee enthusiast myself, I had to respond!

Janelle Monae to Debut New Latte at San Fran Coffeehouse

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Local coffeehouse The Snub will release its latest gourmet creation in March as part of a partnership with singer Janelle Monae. Monae will be onsite on Friday, March 22, hosting a meet and greet with 30 of her biggest fans.

The Snub’s new latte, Gilded Grounds, boasts triple layers of house-made caramel and decadent dark chocolate, in addition to 32 ounces of frothy almond milk and six shots of espresso. Aptly-named, Gilded Grounds is topped off with carefully-placed gold flakes, which encircle the rim of its custom glass. It is a caffeinated beverage worthy of a queen (and her royal court).

The creation was inspired by Monae’s 2019 Golden Globes look, a black and gold Chanel ensemble topped with a golden headpiece. She will be the first to try Gilded Grounds, alongside each ticket purchaser for the singer’s meet and greet.

Gilded Grounds is a limited-time specialty – it is only expected to stay on The Snub’s menu through April 2019.

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