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LinkedIn: Hirons

Throughout each of the roles I’ve had in my career so far, I’ve always enjoyed coordinating social media content. I am one of the team members currently on Hirons’ social media team. Each of us is responsible for scheduling content on a different one of the social platforms, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or our blog.

As I am in ‘business development’ it’s only fitting that I be in charge of our LinkedIn profile, which currently has 1,669 followers.

Whenever possible, the social media team schedules social content ahead of time using a very handy tool called Meltwater Engage. In the past, I have utilized the free dashboard from Hootsuite for several different organizations, but Meltwater is next level. It allows us to optimize our post times and analyze the metrics of any post.

Below are a few examples of my contribution Hirons’ social media:

Sometimes, Hirons team members will attend community events and send the social media team photos as they take them. It’s up to me to get content on our LinkedIn as soon as possible!
This article from Inside Indiana Business was delivered straight to my inbox one afternoon. I immediately thought it would be great content for Hirons to highlight the company’s affinity teams! I am a member of our Diversity Team.

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