Personal Update: September is going to be a wild ride

We’re coming up on the end of August, which means that we’re nearing a month of many changes for me. In an effort to continue being the digitally focused millennial/gen-z cusper that I am, I wanted to document them here.

My partner, Chelsea, and I are meeting with our prospective new landlords this evening to sign the lease for our new rental unit, a little brick duplex with a cute back yard. We will officially have access to our new place the first full weekend of September, which gives us a couple weeks to get everything moved before our old lease runs out at our current apartment. That doesn’t really amount to a lot of time though, given some other things we have happening in September.

On September 8, I will have the honor of representing Hirons at SHSMD 2019, a national healthcare conference taking place in Nashville, Tennessee. Myself and my colleagues have been in the process of planning a two and a half hour workshop for many weeks now, a research-based, interactive project which I will co-present just two days after Chelsea and I are supposed to begin moving.

The following weekend, Chelsea has a special feat of her own to celebrate. She has curated an art show to be displayed at the Union City Arts Depot, entitled Organic, which will open on Sept. 13. The show will feature some of Chelsea’s own pieces, as well as those from three of her former Herron School of Art creators. The idea for this show has been in the works for some time, and I am so excited to be able to be there by her side for opening night. I would greatly encourage you to check it out, if you are able to be in the east-central Indiana area that weekend.

So we’re moving and we both have big events happening over the span of a few weeks. That sounds like a lot, right? Let’s not forget the biggest change coming our way next month – getting married. That’s right, we’re just 39 days away from our wedding ceremony now! And we’ll have a week after that to prepare for our family and friends reception. (No big deal. It’s not like I am stressed or anything.)

While I am certainly grateful and very , very excited for all of these upcoming opportunities, it does seem pretty daunting from where I am sitting right now. Wish me luck! I am going to keep my head down and power through to October.

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