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Content Management: Hirons Blog

Although I have been involved with Hirons’ internal promotions team for several months, I had little involvement with our company’s blog until this summer. Managing content for organizational blogs was a major responsibility within previous internships I’ve held, so I was more than happy to take over whenever we shuffled around some promotional duties this year.

The main difference between curating content for the Hirons blog versus my previous experiences in this realm is that I do not have to write all the content myself. Instead, I establish a month-by-month calendar and assign each month to a different member of the Hirons team. I then work with my coworkers one-on-one to determine topics that they might like to write about and decide whether they prefer to draft the entry themselves or simply give me some bullet points to word smith.

My favorite part of managing the blog is intentionally creating a variety in what we upload and ensuring that our blog strategy aligns with our social media strategy. The majority of the blogs that I oversee the development of fall into the following categories:

General Agency Life Blogs:

Drafted by Account Manager Matt Hornyak, the above-mentioned blog was the first entry that I was responsible for publishing on our website. I worked with Matt to establish a reasonable deadline for him to write the copy and worked with our creative team to select imagery that paired well with the blog itself once it was written.

Important Agency Happenings:

Hirons’ Founder’s Day celebration was the first announcement-style piece that I published on our blog. Founder’s Day is unique because it is a brand new internal “holiday” within the company, and we wanted to make a splash in the local media with this announcement. Posting the blog to our website gave reporters a reference point in case they needed it.

Employee Highlights:

I love working with our employee-owners to gather information about their careers and the various journeys they’ve had that led them to Hirons. We try to do a different employee highlight every week, unless we have other major news happening. Each semester also features a special shout-out to our intern cohort, too.

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