How to make the most of a three day vacation

As busy professionals, Chelsea and I do not often get days off. When we do, it's important that we make the most of it. Sometimes, that means relaxing at home. This past week though, we hit the road. Including travel time, our fall vacation was a grand total of three days, but it felt like… Continue reading How to make the most of a three day vacation


Collecting Places to Call Home

With roughly 200 days until graduation, I am acutely aware of how little time I have left at IUPUI. I’m a very sentimental person. I tend to connect deeply with the people and places in my life. Though I know wonderful new things are just on the horizon, I am dreading the emptiness that will… Continue reading Collecting Places to Call Home


Four things I love about fall

Though the high today is 88 degrees, it’s officially fall! I’ve been craving pumpkin spice lattes and all things autumn for months. For this week’s blog post, I thought I would have a little fun and dive into why fall is my favorite season.  Choosing Cozy + Cute Outfits In general, my ultimate fashion goal… Continue reading Four things I love about fall


Book Review: Putting the ‘Public’ back in Public Relations

I’ve never read a book about social media before. As I tweeted at one point a few weeks ago, I felt a flutter of irony every time I would have to sit down, close out the social media apps on my phone and crack open a physical book to read about the apps I had… Continue reading Book Review: Putting the ‘Public’ back in Public Relations


What it’s really like to work remotely

The concept of working remotely, or working from home, sounds wonderful. And it can be, but it's not always about answering emails in your pajamas (although that definitely is a perk). People (including you) think you're never not on call If you're not clear about setting boundaries from the get-go, it can be hard to… Continue reading What it’s really like to work remotely


Coping with the Unknown

“Not everything has to be a big career move. Just slow down.” It sounds like strange advice, but it was something I needed to hear. These particular words of wisdom came to me from Amanda Bonilla, the Assistant Director of IUPUI’s Social Justice Education and my mentor of three years. She was checking in on… Continue reading Coping with the Unknown

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The Most Important Video on the Internet

Sort of. This week, those of us who are enrolled in the online public relations class at IUPUI were given an assigned topic to blog about: “any web videos and their importance to digital media.” This request from our professor was both specific and vague enough that I was stumped at first. Then, a light… Continue reading The Most Important Video on the Internet


It’s more than ‘Senioritis’

This semester, I am enrolled in four classes, three of which are in-person and one is online. I spend roughly eight hours per week sitting in a classroom and I’m expected to spend more than triple that number of hours studying or working on assignments outside of the classroom. On top of my academic workload,… Continue reading It’s more than ‘Senioritis’