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Facebook is Still a Great Communication Tool

"What social media platform do you like best for business?" My answer to this question has gone back and forth many times in the years since I was first asked it. Every platform brings its own unique set of pros and cons to the table, and one platform does not fit all clients. Twitter allows… Continue reading Facebook is Still a Great Communication Tool

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Social Media – City of Greenwood

As part of my internship at Hirons, I was asked to help put together a social media calendar for the City of Greenwood's upcoming event series, "Community Conversations: The Future of Greenwood Parks." These two events were proposed to create a public forum for Greenwood residents to voice their opinions on how three different Greenwood… Continue reading Social Media – City of Greenwood

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Social Media – Festival Country Indiana

One of my projects early on at Hirons was updating Pinterest boards for Festival Country Indiana. It's not every day that you get asked to comb through your company's photo archives and find aesthetically pleasing fall photos, but when you do - you get to have a lot of fun! The resulting Pinterest boards were… Continue reading Social Media – Festival Country Indiana

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Twitter – Indiana INTERNnet

For my summer internship with Indiana INTERNnet, I regularly assist with social media efforts. The Indiana INTERNnet Twitter account is well-established, and has close to 4,000 followers. The organization's audience on Twitter is a mixture of Indiana employers and college students. Timeliness The majority of my responsibility when it comes to Twitter is to promote the… Continue reading Twitter – Indiana INTERNnet

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Social Media – Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis

As part of my spring internship at Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis, I operated the organization's Twitter and Facebook accounts. I orchestrated multiple campaigns throughout this time. For example, every Saturday was #STEMSaturday on Twitter and Facebook, where I would share an article about women in STEM. Social media was also utilized heavily during the… Continue reading Social Media – Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis

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Social Media Strategies & Analytics

At the Indiana State Museum View the Social Strategies document that I outlined for the Indiana State Museum during my summer internship with the organization. This document includes research on utilizing Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for a nonprofit such as the museum (all data as of 2017) and my top recommendations for how the museum's social… Continue reading Social Media Strategies & Analytics

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IUPUI Weeks of Welcome

As we near the month of August, I thought I would take a moment to upload some of the content I have worked on as the Marketing and Communications Lead for IUPUI's Weeks of Welcome Student Steering Committee. Weeks of Welcome is a program sponsored by IUPUI's office of Educational Partnerships and Student Advocacy (EPSA)… Continue reading IUPUI Weeks of Welcome

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The Mind Trust Social Media Process

I worked with The Mind Trust, an Indianapolis organization dedicated to improving education in the community, to draft a document that would highlight the benefits of utilizing social media as a Public Relations tool. Click the link below: MindTrust Social Media Process - Marissa Smith Supplemental Documents: Document A Document B For more information on… Continue reading The Mind Trust Social Media Process