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Comfort Zones and Confidence: Business Women’s Day 2019

I recently had the honor of sitting down with Hirons' Senior Vice President and Media Director, Rose Durbin, to talk about her experiences starting out in the advertising field. This conversation served as a way of highlighting Rose and the various lessons she's learned in time for American Business Women's Day, Sept. 22. The blog… Continue reading Comfort Zones and Confidence: Business Women’s Day 2019


What I’ve Learned Working in an Agency for a Year

I realized recently that my work notebook was nearly full, almost empty of pages that could hold additional scribbles and assignments. Now that it is time to retire my trusty notebook, it's also time to celebrate a milestone for my career: I've been at Hirons for one full year. When I first applied to Hirons'… Continue reading What I’ve Learned Working in an Agency for a Year

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How Important is Networking, Really?

This post was written as part of my internship with Indiana INTERNnet and was originally published here. College students hear it again and again – network, network, network! However, building and maintaining professional relationships is often not high on a student’s list of priorities. The thought of initiating a conversation can be intimidating. Even once… Continue reading How Important is Networking, Really?

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The Power of Music – in advertising

Inspired by the fact that music is now prevalent in over 90 percent of advertisements, I recently finished a research paper discussing the impacts of music in commercials and the best practices for doing so. Click the link below to peruse the resulting 10-page document: Understanding the Impact of Music in Commercial Advertising This paper… Continue reading The Power of Music – in advertising


Education is Empowering

I love professional development. I would spend my whole life traveling to different conferences, conventions, and workshops and drinking in all the industry knowledge I could if I had the time and money. Who knows, maybe down the road I will have a position that allows me to do plenty of that. For now, I… Continue reading Education is Empowering