Collecting Places to Call Home

With roughly 200 days until graduation, I am acutely aware of how little time I have left at IUPUI. I’m a very sentimental person. I tend to connect deeply with the people and places in my life. Though I know wonderful new things are just on the horizon, I am dreading the emptiness that will… Continue reading Collecting Places to Call Home


Coping with the Unknown

“Not everything has to be a big career move. Just slow down.” It sounds like strange advice, but it was something I needed to hear. These particular words of wisdom came to me from Amanda Bonilla, the Assistant Director of IUPUI’s Social Justice Education and my mentor of three years. She was checking in on… Continue reading Coping with the Unknown


It’s more than ‘Senioritis’

This semester, I am enrolled in four classes, three of which are in-person and one is online. I spend roughly eight hours per week sitting in a classroom and I’m expected to spend more than triple that number of hours studying or working on assignments outside of the classroom. On top of my academic workload,… Continue reading It’s more than ‘Senioritis’

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Should You Negotiate Your Internship Salary?

This blog was written as part of my internship at Indiana INTERNnet. It was originally published here. Receiving an offer for an internship can be exciting, but what happens if you’re not sure you can afford to accept it? As was discussed in a previous blog post about how to choose between multiple internship offers,… Continue reading Should You Negotiate Your Internship Salary?

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Tips to Become an Intern-to-Hire Success

This blog post was written as part of my internship at Indiana INTERNnet and was originally published here.  At Indiana INTERNnet, we love a good intern-to-hire story. We’re always on the lookout for tales of individuals around the state who were able to turn their internship into a full-time job offer. As a senior in college, I… Continue reading Tips to Become an Intern-to-Hire Success


My thoughts on unpaid internships

There has been an uptick in Tweets about unpaid internships lately, causing some discourse about these types of opportunities on social media. As a person who has now had both paid and unpaid internship experiences, I thought I would share my thoughts on this issue. "Internships" are largely unregulated which is both a good and… Continue reading My thoughts on unpaid internships

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Speak Up

The following blog post is an extended version of one that I wrote for Indiana INTERNnet. You can view the original as it was published here. "What’s something you’ve learned at your summer internship?" Recently, a fellow public relations student that I follow on Twitter posed this question. It was an opportunity to spark discussion… Continue reading Speak Up


What IUPUI Means to Me

I still have two semesters to go, but I've already started to feel the emotions that come along with facing graduation. At this point, I barely remember what it felt like to graduate high school (I do not have the greatest memory), but the bittersweet ache of it is unforgettable. And it's come around again… Continue reading What IUPUI Means to Me