Find Out Where Your Passions Lie Through Skill-based Volunteering

Volunteering for organizations whose missions align with your personal values can be a great way to help you make an impact in your community, but there are also a multitude of other benefits as well. A 2013 study even showed that people who volunteer "feel better physically, mentally and emotionally" than people who do not… Continue reading Find Out Where Your Passions Lie Through Skill-based Volunteering


Setting My Intentions for 2020

I don’t necessarily believe in new year’s resolutions. The concept has developed a negative connotation in my head overtime. I find it’s often associated with a sense of shame in some way, whether it’s feeling shameful for a behavior you want to rectify or getting upset with yourself for failing to stick to your resolution.… Continue reading Setting My Intentions for 2020


Tips for Presenting at a National Conference

This fall, I was one of three people representing Hirons at the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development's annual conference in Nashville, TN. While I have given numerous presentations throughout my career thus far in classes, in meetings and at local events, this was my first time traveling out of state for business and… Continue reading Tips for Presenting at a National Conference

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Speak Up

The following blog post is an extended version of one that I wrote for Indiana INTERNnet. You can view the original as it was published here. "What’s something you’ve learned at your summer internship?" Recently, a fellow public relations student that I follow on Twitter posed this question. It was an opportunity to spark discussion… Continue reading Speak Up


Education is Empowering

I love professional development. I would spend my whole life traveling to different conferences, conventions, and workshops and drinking in all the industry knowledge I could if I had the time and money. Who knows, maybe down the road I will have a position that allows me to do plenty of that. For now, I… Continue reading Education is Empowering