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LinkedIn: Hirons

Throughout each of the roles I've had in my career so far, I've always enjoyed coordinating social media content. I am one of the team members currently on Hirons' social media team. Each of us is responsible for scheduling content on a different one of the social platforms, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… Continue reading LinkedIn: Hirons

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My Final Thoughts on #J360

As anyone who follows me on social media knows by now, I took a course this semester called J360, otherwise known as Online Public Relations. The course is essentially designed to be an overview of social media and its many uses in the PR world. I thought it would be easy. Having used social media… Continue reading My Final Thoughts on #J360

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Facebook is Still a Great Communication Tool

"What social media platform do you like best for business?" My answer to this question has gone back and forth many times in the years since I was first asked it. Every platform brings its own unique set of pros and cons to the table, and one platform does not fit all clients. Twitter allows… Continue reading Facebook is Still a Great Communication Tool

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Public Relations in the Digital Era

When public relations was first introduced to the world in the early 1900s, it looked quite differently than it does now. There were no established ethics or guidelines for the industry. The first PR campaign convinced young women that smoking cigarettes was an act of rebellion  associated with women’s equality. (No, really.) However, the goal… Continue reading Public Relations in the Digital Era


Book Review: Putting the ‘Public’ back in Public Relations

I’ve never read a book about social media before. As I tweeted at one point a few weeks ago, I felt a flutter of irony every time I would have to sit down, close out the social media apps on my phone and crack open a physical book to read about the apps I had… Continue reading Book Review: Putting the ‘Public’ back in Public Relations


How to be honest and hireable on the internet

As someone who was in elementary school when social media was really starting to take off, I grew up hearing warnings against sharing personal information on the internet. While I obviously think you shouldn't go around tweeting your address or sharing passwords on Instagram, there are benefits to being willing to get a little personal… Continue reading How to be honest and hireable on the internet


Reluctance to Excitement

Life updates and my outlook on the last semester of my junior year. Going back to school after three off for winter break is always difficult. It seemed especially hard for me this time because I was sick in some way for the majority of the break. Though I still had several good days of… Continue reading Reluctance to Excitement


Street Team Intern: Weeks 2-4

As promised, here is an update on the work I've been doing with the Indiana State Museum: In the past few weeks, I have updated the media contact lists for all eleven state historic sites in an effort to ensure that all press releases are sent to relevant media outlets, reporters and news directors. This… Continue reading Street Team Intern: Weeks 2-4


Street Team Intern: Week One

The nerves are gone! Having completed my first 'week' as an intern for the Indiana State Museum, I thought I would do a little bit of a recap for me to look back on at the end of the summer. My first two days at the museum included the most welcoming environment I think I've… Continue reading Street Team Intern: Week One

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Three Things to Understand in Order to Connect with Millennials

Who are millennials, and what makes them different than previous generations? Since this age group first emerged as consumers, companies began devoting enormous amounts of time and money into the search for definitive answers to those questions. Such an investment is not without its value, a Goldman Sachs infographic supports, as the millennial generation, which… Continue reading Three Things to Understand in Order to Connect with Millennials